Charming Church Weddings

For the next couple of weeks I will be posting wedding photos of charming church weddings I've photographed this season.  Like most wedding photographers, I often compare wedding seasons to others and notice changes and similarities to previous years.  Quite often, my clients are getting married outside with beautiful scenic backdrops or having a fancy celebration at a hotel in San Francisco.  This season is turning out to be the year of the church wedding for me, which has been a nice change. 

Peggy and Jerome got married at The Chapel of our Lady in the Presidio.  The reception was held at the Presidio Cafe, conveniently located up the street from the chapel.  We took advantage of the Presidio's beautiful landscape just next to the reception for portraits.  The remainder of the evening was filled with lots of laughter, toasts, and dancing with their friends.  I love that they were able to blend tradition with their own sense of style.  Such a lovely and stunning couple!!

Btw...Peggy's amazing hair and make-up was done by the wonderful Shana from Fox and Doll and her fabulous headpiece is from Twigs and Honey.  Her close friend, Emily Tran created the spectacular bouquets and boutonnieres.  Superb!

I'm Getting Sentimental

A sentimental connection from the past to celebrate the future.  This is the cork from a bottle of wine that Wayne and Anthony purchased on one of their first dates, 15 years ago.  They celebrated their relationship by opening this bottle of wine on their wedding day.  As a wine enthusiast and a sensitive person, I have to admit that I got a little choked up during that moment.  After smelling the cork (I know that is super snobby and outdated but I couldn't taste the wine on the job), I figured it would make a great backdrop for a ring shot.