San Francisco

J+G Golden Gate Park Engagement Shoot

Coastal views are gorgeous and all, but when the fog rolls in unexpectedly and the wind is high speed, it's important to have a back up plan for an engagement shoot.  Luckily, we are spoiled in San Francisco and if one location doesn't work out then chances are, we aren't far from another lovely spot.  Thank you Golden Gate park for shielding us from the harsh wind and cold fog.  J+G's engagement shoot was so much fun and I am so excited to photograph their upcoming wedding.  Enjoy the pics!

Snippet And Ink Feature

I'm a sucker for a good wedding blog.  There are so many wedding blogs to choose from that it can be an overwhelming experience just to just find a few that really speak to your taste and lifestyle.  Every morning I wake up to a beautiful email from Snippet and Ink that showcases elegant weddings as well as bits of advice on where to go, what to eat, what to wear and everyday DIY recommendations to make life more fun and PRETTY.  This morning was extra wonderful because the daily email I received from Snippet and Ink featured a beautiful wedding that I photographed in San Francisco.  Thank you so much for the feature, Snippet and Ink.  It truly is an honor.  Click here to see Melissa and Jacob's beautiful wedding.

Sometimes It Has To Be Black And White

I once worked with a photographer who barely ever shot anything in color unless the job required it of him (lucky man.)  When I inquired about his black and white preference over color imagery, he passionately responded, "If the image you are shooting is about the color, then shoot it in color."  

I obviously can't apply that theory to the way I shoot weddings because I would really narrow my clientele and probably not eat for weeks. I also love color, whether it's muted or vibrant.  But, I will say that certain situations and lighting scenarios that occur while I'm chasing down,capturing moments and details at a wedding look far more striking in black and white than they would in color.  Here are some of my favorite images that just needed to be black and white.