Beautiful Reminders

Sometimes you can just feel the love that two people share.  It shows in a snuggle, a forehead kiss, a good laugh, an embrace, holding hands, quiet moments, and of course, a big smooch on the lips.  Photographs can be beautiful reminders to take the time to express love for the ones we cherish the most in our lives.  Congratulations to this sweet couple for finding each other.  

Cityscape Love

I have to admit that I always get a little squeamish when I'm taking photos of a beautiful bride and groom, just before they say "I-DO" and the chosen destination for portraits is a busy street in San Francisco.  Call me "over protective" and "unadventurous" but I do pride myself on making sure that my clients are safe on their wedding day.  Once I get over the initial fear, I embrace the dual job of being a photographer and traffic controller.  

Love and San Francisco cityscapes are IRRESISTIBLE.  It's worth the risk for a beautiful photo.